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The Evolution of an Artist


Excerpt from the Introduction
Bowers’ artistic career is in a constant state of evolution.  He is an artist in competition with himself as he constantly strives to improve his vision of the human species and the works of art he creates to document it.  His quirky observations of human nature and the power structures that control human lives are stimulating and have an international appeal.

Book Details
• 168 pages
• Measures 11 3/4″ x 11 3/4″
• Hardcover
• Smythe sewn with head and tail bands
• 180 gsm matte acid free paper (The heaviest paper allowable for smythe sewn binding)
• Black cloth cover with tip-ons
• Debossed cover with gold foil stamp
• Signed
• Dust cover with die-cut opening

Editorial Reviews
Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art   (Arnie Fenner writes)
“Robert J. Trombetta (former director of the Ft. Pitt Museum) has put together a book of David’s paintings entitled David M. Bowers: The Evolution of an Artist and it is, to put it mildly, a knock-out.”

Fanfare Magazine  (Harry Schwalb writes)
“A sumptuous volume- “David Michael Bowers: The Evolution of an Artist” – with superb color plates and a text by Robert J. Trombetta was recently published.  An art-lovers must.”

Irene Gallo  (Art Director, TOR Books writes)
“The production values of the book, itself, are in line with his own impeccable craftsmanship – incredible printing, sturdy pages, beautiful die-cut jacket, and all of the paintings are presented with lots of clean white space around them.  Between the art and the presentation, no one can step into my office without picking it up and a “Wow!”


By: Robert J. Trombetta
Former director of the Ft. Pitt Museum

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